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To make a traditional pizza box at home, you must be very careful about your measurements to make the box. The conventional pizza box is all about accurate measurements and proper cutouts. All you need is some crafting equipment, your skills, and your pizza box is ready.


Before moving ahead, let us gather all the stuff altogether.


  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Crafting knife

Material required

  • Glue
  • Crafting papers or designed papers
  • Card stock
  • Wooden scale
  • Designer paper
  • Ribbon

Steps To Make A Traditional Pizza Box

Step 1: Take an A-4 size sheet and mark the rough idea of the measurements that you will need to score on your card stock.

take A4 size sheet

Step 2: The dimensions of the square should be 4×4 inches and all the boundaries must score 1 inch.

must score 1 inch

Step 3: Now make the calculations and add all the units to get the required overall dimensions of 11×6 inches.

11by 6 inches

Step 4: Now gather the cardstock, keep it on the marking board or take the wooden scale and, with the help of your rough idea, mark the actual measurements on the cardstock using a needle or any pointed material.

pointed material

Step 5: Now, cut the tabs in the way shown below.

way shown below

Step 6: Now fold the lines to prepare the shape of the box.

shape of the box

Step 7: Glue around the tabs in the following manner.

following manner 1

following manner 2

Step 8: Your final piece should look like this.

should look like this

Step 9: Now, you can use any designer paper of your choice and ribbons to decorate your box.

decorate your box

Step 10: Now your pizza box is ready.

How To Make A Traditional Pizza Box At Home

And you have your Traditional Pizza Box At Home.


  • Make sure that you’re taking accurate measurements.
  • Mark everything properly with the help of the marker.
  • Try to make a rough sketch before marking the real measurements.

Points to remember

Handle the tools safely.


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