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We are aware that many people who operate at a desk with a computer are occasionally bothered by dirt or little bits of their work. They’re strewn across the table, obliterating the sidelines of your computer keyboard or making your workspace untidy. So have you ever wondered how to make a vacuum cleaner or something like that?

Because not everyone can afford to purchase a vacuum cleaner, we came up with the simple idea of developing a little vacuum cleaner or just wishing to downsize at home with simplicity. You may now build your own small portable vacuum cleaner.


To make a small vacuum cleaner, you will need the following things:



  • Plastic bottle
  • Deodorant bottle
  • First aid cloth
  • DC motor
  • Small bending pipe
  • Wire

Steps To Make A Vacuum Cleaner

Now that you have the materials list, let’s get started constructing a vacuum cleaner. If you follow the directions to the mark, making your small vacuum cleaner will be a breeze:

Step 1: Cut the emptied plastic bottle in half. Next, as shown in the illustration, grab a deodorant bottle and cut it into a flat sheet.

cut the bottle

Cut the bottle

Step 2: Now, using the thin bottle sheet, form a circle the diameter of the water bottle upon that. To obtain a spherical metal part, cut out the circle.

cut out the circle

Cut out the circle

Step 3: Draw four diametric lines on the metal section with a ruler. Make a hole in the metal portion’s middle. Cut out the 8 radius lines, allowing a little space between them and the center, and twist the sheets together. Your fan is all set to go.

twist the sheets

Twist the sheets

Step 4: Connect a pen’s ink bar or refill to the revolving side of a 12 V toy motor. Toughen it by pushing it firmly and cutting away the extra with a scissor or cutter.

connect refill to the meter

Connect refill to the motor

Step 5: Place the earlier constructed fan through the hole in the center of the revolving end of the motor. Secure it with glue.

insert the fan

Insert the fan

Step 6: Draw a circle with the marker in the bottom of the bottle to keep the motor in the middle. Cut holes on the whole bottom of the bottle with any hot needle, which will be important for allowing suction air to escape.

draw a circle at the bottom

Draw a circle at the bottom

Step 7: Snip out the central round area and insert the motor such that the fan end is inside the bottle and the motor side is outside. To keep the engine in place, use a hot glue gun.

insert the motor

Insert the motor

Step 8: Put the top piece of the plastic bottle on the first aid cloth. Form a circle slightly larger than the bottle end and adhere it to the bottle with double-sided tape. Connect the bottle’s two parts with tape.

make it secure

Make it secure

Step 9: Cut a large hole in the center of the bottle cap. Take the bending pipe and secure it to the cap, then use a hot glue gun to secure a small plastic bottle on the other end. After that, secure it to the bottle.

connect with pipe

Connect with pipe

Step 10: Make a handle shape out of cardboard and glue it to the vacuum cleaner. Use tape to keep it in place. You may personalize your small vacuum cleaner in any way you like. Connect the motor to the wires and turn it on. Ta-da! Your tiny vacuum cleaner is now ready to use.

vaccum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner


  • Be cautious with dangerous tools: Use the hot glue gun, cutter, and other tools with caution to avoid injury or burns.
  • Measure accurately: Measure the pieces precisely when creating your vacuum cleaner so that it fits perfectly.

You can now go ahead and try it on your own. It’s time for you to be proud of your inventiveness. These simple instructions will teach you how to make a vacuum cleaner. So stand a shot and watch how things turn out.



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