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Everybody wants to make something creative from the stuff available at home, whether wasted newspapers or remaining craft material. The wedding favor box is a very good papercraft idea and also an exciting task to do.

This tutorial will explain to you the steps to how to prepare a wedding favor box.


To make a wedding favor box, all you need is some crafting tools and decorative material. Try to gather all the stuff beforehand.


  • Scoring tool
  • Scoreboard
  • Punching machine or a pin
  • Scissors


  • Adhesive
  • Cardstock
  • Wooden scale
  • Double-sided tape
  • Stamp
  • Ribbon

Steps To Make A Wedding Favor Box

Step 1: Either take a plain white cardstock and stamp it with a flowering pattern or take an already patterned cardstock of dimensions 19×9 cm.

19 by 9 cm 1

19 by 9 cm 2

Step 2: Now, put it on the scoreboard and start with the long side at 6,9,15, and 18 cm. Then the part scored on the long side at 7.5 and 16.5 then scored on the shorter side at 3 cm.

3 cm

Step 3: Now, fold the lines.

fold the lines

Step 4: Cut the tabs.

cut the tabs

Step 5: Then, with the help of the two different sizes of frame lits, prepare the design of the lid of the box.

lid of the box 1

lid of the box 2

Step 6: Now stick both the prepared designs as shown below.

as shown below

Step 7: Score it at the center.

  at the centre

Step 8: Now, prepare the base of the box by gluing it away, as shown below.

   gluing it away 1

gluing it away 2

Step 9: Now, place the lid over the base. Then, pierce a hole into the lid and insert the ribbon into it.

ribbon into it

Step 10: Tie the ribbon.

tie the ribbon

How To Make Wedding Favour Box

Your wedding favor box is ready.


  • Take measurements properly.
  • Use the scoring tool carefully.
  • Glue everything in a given manner.
  • Use different card stocks for different things.



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