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Wheel and axle is a simple machine. In this simple machine, the wheel is connected to the short part of the axle to ease the movement and transfer the force from one end to another. This tutorial will help you through steps to how to make a wheel and axle model for a science project.


Before moving ahead, let’s gather the required stuff altogether.



  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Wooden scale
  • Origami paper
  • Thread
  • Adhesive

Steps To Make A Wheel And Axle Model For Science Project

Step 1: Take a cardboard and cut it into the dimensions 15×15 cm, then cut it from inside with dimensions 4x7x4 cm.

4 by 7 by 4 (1)

4 by 7 by 4 (2)

Step 2: Wrap it with chart paper.

chart paper

Step 3: Take cardboard of comparative larger dimensions, say 22×20 cm, and prepare it to place beneath the model.

the model

Step 4: Take another cardboard and cut it into the ‘T’ shape with the dimension 5x5x5 cm for the head and length 16 cm. Take a look at the picture for reference. Repeat the process and make another ‘T’.

    another T 1

another T 2

another T 3

Step 5: Wrap the ‘T’ with chart paper and pierce the hole into it, as shown below.

  shown below 1

shown below 2

Step 6: Take a long and thin stick and wrap a thin strip of paper in the center of it. Then make a cardboard wheel and insert the stick into it. Glue everything as shown below.

glue everything as shown

Step 7: Now repeat the process on the opposite end.

opposite end

Step 8: Your prepared piece should look like this.

look like this

Step 9: Now stick the T’s with the square as shown below.

9 Now stick

Step 10: Now, prepare a wheel with the help of cardboard of radius 4 or 5 cm and the small sticks as shown below.

10 Now

Step 11: Now insert the stick into the holes pierced initially.

piereced intially 1

piereced intially 2

Step 12: Now glue the wheel to it.

wheel to it 1

wheel to it 2

Step 13: Now, make a bucket with the help of origami paper. And hang it with the help of thread.

thread 1

thread 2

Step 14: Your model is ready.

How To Make A Wheel and Axle Model For Science Project


  • Make sure that you’re taking the accurate measurements
  • Mark everything properly with the help of the marker beforehand to prevent any kind of errors.

Points to remember

Handle the tools safely.



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