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Preserving and gathering wine corks from our favorite places, occasions, years, and wines has a nostalgic appeal. Using clear glass containers to display the corks is a great method to do it. However, you might be interested in trying out another option. This article will teach you how to make a wine Cork trivet by upcycling your saved corks. So don’t wait any longer and continue reading to discover more about the procedure.


Creating a wine Cork trivet is simple if you have all of the necessary ingredients in place. You’ll have to get the following items to make your own wine Cork trivet at home:



  • Corks
  • Corkboard

Steps To Make A Wine Cork Trivet

So get going on making a wine Cork trivet now that you have the equipment needed. Crafting a it is simple if you follow the instructions to the letter:

Step 1: To begin, arrange your cork pattern on top of the main cork board panel. Once you’re happy with the cork arrangement, sketch the corks’ outline onto the corkboard, then take the corks and slice out the corkboard’s bottom.

Make the arrangements

Step 2: Then it was time to glue those corks in position, following the design you made without the adhesive before. A row at the moment, attach the corks to the board. Allow for drying of the trivet.

Stick the corks

Step 3: Your trivet  is now ready to use. For generations to follow, enjoy the cork trivet. Experiment with different cork patterns and trivet shapes.

Wine Cork Trivet


  • Beware of hot objects: Be attentive while using the hot glue gun for sticking the corks as it can cause serious burns and injuries to your hands.
  • Trim carefully: Keep your eyes open while trimming the corkboard with a cutter or saw, as it can cause you serious cuts and injuries.

It must have never been this easy to create something so creative with just 1 product that is easily available as well. But just simply learning the process is enough. You must try it on your own to create this beautiful and aesthetic piece of art.

You’re welcome to try it on your own here. Now it’s upon you to come up with innovative products. After these simple techniques, you now know how to make a wine cork trivet. So make use of the occasion and see what emerges.


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