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Here we will make a simple air pollution model by using materials available at your home for a meager cost. You might be thinking about air pollution. So basically, air pollution is caused by some harmful gases and solid-liquid particles suspended in the air by cars, buses, and factories.

There are many impacts of air pollution on human health, which might lead to respiratory diseases.


Firstly, to start doing this science project, we will have to be ready with all the below-listed items.


  • Cardboard
  • Scissor
  • 3 Waste box
  • Toy cars
  • Cotton for pollution
  • Colour paper
  • Paint
  • Glue gun/ Fevicol
  • Paint
  • Sketch pen

Steps To Make An Air Pollution Model

Step 1: First, take three rectangular-shaped boxes (detergent box or soapbox) and color them to make them visual of the factory and draw and color the windows and doors.

windows and doors

Factory Outlook

Step 2: Then, make cylindrical-shaped long-wide sticks with hard paper and add some red paper strips as shown in the figure.

in the figure


Step 3: Then, with the help of a glue gun, attach them to a yellow factory box and add some cotton into it to show smoke coming out of the factory, and in another two boxes, add some black colored cylindrical sticks and add some cotton too.

cotton too 1

cotton too 2

Attaching chimney to factory boxes

Step 4: Then, take an orange paper to make the conical-shaped chimneys and add some cotton.

add some cotton

Step 5: Now, for the base, take one cardboard and paint it half black( for the road) and half green(for some Greenery) and attach all the factory and chimneys to the base cardboard.

base cardboard

Aligning the boxes together

Step 6: For decorating the road, paste some white strips in the middle of the road and some plants at the side.

air pollution model


Air pollution impacts our life, so we have to find a solution to reduce it. So that living beings can have a healthy life by going green as well as maintaining ecological balance.

We will have to educate the world about the impacts and consequences of air pollution so that they can be aware of it and can bring good solutions to curtail air pollution.



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