How To Make An AC For Science Project

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Are you looking to make an AC but at the same time you think it is not as such possible, then you’re mistaken. You can make your own small and portable AC. However, you’ll need to gather some of the stuff to make an AC which might not be available at your home. Then, in no time, your own personal AC would be ready. Read the article to learn how to make an AC for a science project.


Before moving ahead, it is imperative to gather all the required material beforehand.


  • Cutter
  • Scissors


Steps To Make An AC For Science Project

Step 1: Take three pieces of cardboard of the measurement 29×9 cm.

29 by 9 cm

Step 2: Take two pieces of cardboard of the measurement 22×9 cm.

22 by 9 cm

Step 3: Take one piece of cardboard of the measurement 29×23 cm.

29 by 23 cm

Step 4: Take one piece of cardboard and divide it into two unequal parts. Now, prepare the grill of the AC as directed below with the help of the pictures.

help of the pictures 1

help of the pictures 2

Step 5: Now, take shorter cardboard and insert a switch into it.

switch into it

Step 6: Now, take a big stick and break it into smaller pieces, as shown below.

as shown below 1

as shown below 2

Step 7: Now, insert the sticks into the AC grill.

  AC grill 1

AC grill 2

AC grill 3

Step 8: And insert the strips of paper at the back of the grill.

back of the grill

Step 9: Take the bigger piece of cardboard, and glue the exhaust fans over it.

fans over it 1

fans over it 2

fans over it 3

Step 10: Now, connect the wires to the battery and the switch.

the switch

Step 11: Now, cover the body from the top.

from the tape

Step 12: Cover the boundaries with the tape.

with the tape

Step 13: At the back of the AC, let some of the portion unattached so as to place the ice tray.

  ice tray 1

ice tray 2

How To Make An AC For Science Project

Your AC is all set to work.


  • Take measurements properly.
  • Deal with the wires carefully.
  • Glue everything in a given manner.


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