How To Make An Anemometer For Science Project

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Anemometer is the equipment used to measure the speed and direction of the wind. It is a device commonly used at weather stations. You can easily make it for your science project at your home. Use the stuff available at your home and follow this step-by-step guide on how to make an anemometer for a science project.


Before moving forward, let us gather all the required tools and materials.



  • Adhesive
  • Cardboard
  • Disposable coffee cups
  • Straws
  • Pin

Steps To Make An Anemometer For Science Project

Step 1: Take a cardboard and prepare two circles of the size of the disc or comparatively bigger. Stick the one circle over the top of the other.

top of the other 1

top of the other 2

Step 2: Put the glue at the edge of the circle.

edge of the circle

Step 3: Put the colored paper or origami paper over it.

paper over it

Step 4: Take a cup and, with the help of the punching machine, punch two holes at the corner of the opposite sides of the glass. Now, repeat the process to make a plus sign virtually.

sign virtually

Step 5: Later, insert the straws into the holes. Look at the picture for reference.

    for refrences 1

for references

for references

Step 6: At the center of the cup, pierce a hole and insert a stick, then insert it into the disc you made. Later, glue it from both ends.

both the ends 1

both the ends 2

Step 7: Now, glue the cups at the ends of the straws.

the straws 1

the straws 2

Step 8: You can also use a small fan to check the working of your anemometer.

How To Make An Anemometer For Science Project


As you can observe, an anemometer is quite an exciting project to do for your science project. And everything is quite readily available.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind while constructing it:

  • Glue everything properly.
  • Work with cups softly to prevent the deforming of the cups.
  • You can use a small fan to check the working of your anemometer.




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