How To Make An Electric Generator For Science Project

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When looking to do a science project, a standard idea that comes to one’s mind is an electric generator. A simple generator consists mainly of a DC motor, wires, and a magnet. If these things are available, you can make an electric generator as your science project at home. Even if the material is not available at home, it is not costly and can be bought from nearby shops.

This tutorial will guide you through the steps necessary to make a simple but amazingly effective electric generator for your science project without much hustle.


While doing any kind of project, the first step is to collect all the tools and materials required in one place to avoid any kind of disturbance.


Materials Required

  • A DC motor
  • Two 10 cm wires
  • Two coin batteries
  • One big circular magnet with a diameter of 10 cm
  • One wooden block with dimensions of 25×25 and a thickness of 2 cm
  • One small wooden block with dimensions of 5×5 and a thickness of 2 cm
  • A bulb

Steps To Make An Electric Generator For Science Project

Step 1: Apply glue to the left corner of the larger wooden block using the glue gun. Stick the large circular magnet at that end.

stick large circular magnet to the large wooden block

Step 2: Now, take the other wooden block and paste it at some distance.

paste the smaller wooden block to the larger wooden block

Step 3: Take the DC motor and prepare it with the help of small magnets and a coin battery. Stick the battery and small magnets at one terminal of the motor. 

prepare the dc motor and stick the battery at one terminal of the motor

Step 4: Then, stick the motor to the smaller wooden block.

Stick motor to smaller wooden block

Step 5:  Take a bulb and attach wires to both the terminals of the bulb with the help of a soldering machine.

attach wire to both terminals of the bulb using a soldering machine

Step 6: Attach the other two terminals of wires to the motor.

attach wire terminals to the motor

Step 7: Stick the bulb to the wooden block with the help of glue.

stick the bulb to the wooden block

Step 8: With the help of the battery, start the generator.

Electric Generator for science project



  • Use a glue gun instead of adhesive.

To stick heavy material securely, it is better to use a glue gun instead of an adhesive.

  • Use materials available at home.

Try to make use of the materials available at home. DC motors, wires, bulbs, and magnets are easily available at home.




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