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If you are to do a science project, but nothing new strikes your mind, here’s a solution. Go for something exciting and make an electric lift. This tutorial will guide you through the procedure to make an electric lift for a science project.


Before making anything, it’s pretty much better to gather all the required stuff in one place to avoid any fuss.



  • Plywood base
  • Thread
  • Cardboard
  • Bobbins
  • Origami paper
  • Bamboo stick

Steps To Make An Electric Lift

Step 1: Cut three strips of 26×3 cm.

26 by 3 cm 

Step 2: And stick them with each other.

stick with each other

Step 3: Wrap it with origami paper.

origami paper

Step 4: Now, take a plywood base of 26×12 cm.

26 by 12 cm

Step 5: And cover its corner with colored tape or origami paper.

tape or origami paper 1

tape or origami paper 2

Step 6: Now, cut the strips of measurements as shown in the picture.

shown in the picture

shown in the picture 2

shown in the picture 3

Step 7: Now, prepare a small box as shown below.

  shown below 1

shown below 2

shown below 3

Step 8: Now, prepare a cardboard bar and stand for the project.

stand for the project

Step 9: To the wooden bar, glue a small strip. Then, stick a small wooden stick into it the diameter of a bobbin. Later, insert it into the bobbin and glue it properly. Follow the similar steps for the other end.

similar steps

Step 10: Now, stick one bobbin to the DC motor holder.

DC motor holders

Step 11: Take a battery and a battery holder and connect them to the motor through a switch.

through a switch 1

through a switch 2

Step 12: Roll the thread over the bobbin connected to the DC motor and pass it through the other two bobbins and glue it over the box.

How To Make An Electric Lift For Science Project


  • Use a plywood base instead of a cardboard
  • Use thin cardboard to make the elevator box and the rest of the material.
  • Use a strong thread.
  • Take the help of your elder if required.

Points to remember

Handle wires and batteries carefully.





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