How To Make An Escalator Cardboard Model

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We can make several working models with the help of cardboard. So, today we will teach you how to make an escalator cardboard model. Let us begin.


Let us look at the supplies that are required to make an escalator cardboard model.


  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Rounder


Steps To Make An Escalator Cardboard Model

Step 1: The first step is to cut the cardboard into 415 mm x 210 mm and place it on a flat surface.

Cutting the Cardboard to the appropriate size

Step 2: The second step is to trace the escalator design on the cardboard.

Tracing the Design

Step 3: Now, with the help of a rounder, make some arcs on one side of the escalator design.

Making Circular Arcs

Step 4: Then, cut the traced design on the cardboard

Cutting the Traced Design

Step 5: Take a 14 mm cardboard strip and cover the escalator in the following manner.

Sticking the Cardboard Strip

Step 6: Again, take 14 mm cardboard pieces and place them in the following manner.

Sticking Cardboard Pieces

Step 7: Then, make four cardboard strips.

Making Cardboard Strips

Step 8: Now, gently remove the outer layer of the cardboard.

Removing the Outer Layer of the Cardboard

Step 9: Take a wooden stick and then cut it down into multiple pieces with one cm each.

Cutting the Wooden Pieces

Step 10: Put those wooden sticks in the cardboard holes.

Inserting the Cardboard Pieces

Step 11: Slowly insert the cardboard strip and then stick its end.

Inserting the Cardboard Strip

Step 12: Next, draw three circles on cardboard.

Drawing Three Circles

Step 13: After cutting the three circles, stick them all together and wrap the cardboard strip over them. Once you wrap it mark the points.

Wrapping the Ring

Step 14: Stick the wooden pieces on the markings.

Sticking Wooden Pieces

Step 15: Simultaneously, make two more 25 mm and 30 mm circles.

Making Rings

Step 16: Stick the 30 mm circular ring on the 25 mm ring and insert a wooden stick in it.

Sticking the Rings and Inserting Wooden Strip

Step 17: Place the remaining cardboard rings on the ends of the escalator.

Placing Cardboard Rings at Corners

Step 18: Make a cardboard model and place the escalator on one side.

Cardboard Escalator model

Step 19: Simultaneously, place the other side of the escalator on the cardboard.

Fixing the Cardboard Rings

Step 20: Take a balloon stick and then fix it with the help of small circular cardboard.

Fixing Circular Cardboard Rings at Balloon Sticks

Step 21: With the help of a wooden stick, insert the cardboard wheels at the top.

Fixing the Cardboard Wheels

Step 22: Make some cardboard stairs, fix them in the escalator, and fix the wooden pieces at the sides.

Fixing the Stairs

Step 23: The last step is to decorate the escalator.

Cardboard Escalator


  • We recommend you use new cardboard for building an escalator

Things To Remember

  • Make sure you leave one hole after inserting four wooden sticks.


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