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The discipline of origami is all about the twisting of paper. Well, today, you can learn how to make an origami firefly. Yes, you heard it right. However, before that, let’s briefly look at what origami is.

So, Oru means ‘to fold,’ and kami means ‘paper. This papercraft has Japanese roots. It is an element of Chinese culture as well. Origami is a great brain exercise and a skill that anybody can learn. The art of paper folding that requires both cognitive and physical skills is known as Origami.

According to research, simple paper folds have improved the sense of identity and enhanced adjustment methods in children. As a result, their hand-eye coordination improves and their perceptual abilities. The ability to assess and recognize patterns improves dramatically as perceptual skills improve. As a result, kids can quickly grasp, evaluate, and act on any given knowledge.

Not only this, but origami is a great way for kids to practice important social skills. Here, adults and children collaborate to learn and make something unique. For instance, schools employ origami to teach the importance of collaboration and teamwork. It’s fun to turn paper into rabbits, cups, or fireflies, right? So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and read this post.


Collect these basic materials to make an origami firefly.



  • Square paper
  • Paper knife (if needed)

Steps To Make An Origami Firefly

Follow these mentioned steps carefully if you want to make an origami firefly.

Step 1: Take a square piece of paper.

Square paper

Step 2: Fold it. First, fold it in a triangular manner. Then in a rectangular manner. Make sure you press the edges.

Make creases

Step 3: Hold both sides and fold them in a diamond shape.

Diamond shaped

Step 4: Fold the tip.

Fold the tip

Step 5: Open one layer of that diamond-shaped paper and fold it upside.

Fold halfway

Step 6: Now fold both the side, left and right, in a triangle shape. It should look something like this.

Fold sides

Step 7: Make sure you’re hiding one layer inside.

Hide one layer

Step 8: Your Firefly will look something like this from behind.

Look from behind

Step 9: Take a marker and create eyes.

Make eyes

Step 10: Here, you have your origami firefly.

Origami Firefly


  • Make nice creases: You should make smooth creases to make your art piece look beautiful and the same.

Origami art and craft is always fun. It’s all about folding one paper here and there. Without scissors and glue, you can make a firefly. I hope this tutorial on how to make an origami firefly will have helped you understand the steps.


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