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Want to know how to make an origami hat at home? Umm… If yes, you’ll get the directions here. But let’s have a look at why Origami is good for kids.

So, for several years, India has been a big fan of Origami. The art form has also gained appeal in other parts of the world. Origami, it should be noted, is not only entertaining but also useful to a child’s growth. When doing Origami, for example, we use our fingers to make precise forms out of paper. For a child’s growth, the capacity to use one’s fingers deftly to form detailed objects is essential. Children who are skilled with their fingers are more likely to excel in sports and have a good sense of rhythm.

Not only that, but Origami even encourages kids to use their imagination by requiring them to figure out how to get to the ultimate product. Then, it’s fun to make things out of paper. You can do it with friends, or with family members. It takes less time, and you can make creative things.

So, are you ready to learn the steps of a paper hat? If yes, then keep reading this post.


As we all know, when it’s about origami craft, we usually just need a piece of square sheet. However, you can need these two other things as well.



  • Paper
  • Glue (if needed)

Steps To Make A Origami Hat

To make an origami hat, you’re supposed to twist your paper in a below-written way.

Step 1: Take out a paper. It should have a square shape. Fold it in half. Make sure you’re folding it equally.

Fold in half

Step 2: Now, you must have a rectangular sheet in front of you. Hold on the corner and fold it to make a triangle. Do the same on the other side.

Make two triangles

Step 3: Now fold the rest of the paper, upside back and front. You can use glue to paste it. Although even without glue, it’ll be fine.

Fold upside back and front

Step 4: Remove the extra parts. Trim it with the help of scissors or hide it

Remove extra paper

Step 5: And here you have it: Your origami hat.

Origami hat


  • Make nice creases: You should make smooth creases to make your art piece look beautiful and the same.

Whoa, it’s easy, right. If you feel the same, why not make one for yourself? It’s gonna take around 5 minutes, and your hat will be ready to wear.

I hope this guide on how to make an origami hat will have helped you.


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