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Read how to make Christmas pinecones out of paper to bring the serenity of the external world inside this Christmas.

Well, we all know that pine cones are a festive favorite for holiday decor. And grouping these paper versions on a mantle will look stunning. You can also hang it on a doorknob or can even consider arranging these paper pine cones in a fruit bowl.

You will agree that making paper pine cone decorations is full of fun. It’s like once you are successful with one, we are sure you’ll want to make more and more.


Now that you have decided to make pinecones out of paper, you’ll have to collect all these materials.



  • Pattern paper
  • Dress pins
  • Glue
  • Ribbon

Steps To Make Christmas Pinecones

Well, have you collected all the materials? If yes, then follow these simple steps and make your Christmas pine cones at home.

Step 1: Make 2x2cm squares out of your paper. Fold two corners in the opposite direction to make a triangle form along one side.

Make a triangle out of paper

Make a triangle out of paper

Step 2: Moving from the narrow end of the egg (which will form the top of the pine cone), pin the point of the folded edge to the center of the egg. Two pins should be used to secure the wide end. Rep with three additional pieces, positioning them so that they point into the center, or top, of the soon-to-be pine cone.

Pin the paper on the shell

Pin the paper on the shell

Step 3: Once the bottom layer has been pinned, continue working down the next row, this time lining up the pointed end to match the junction where two folded pieces meet on the first layer. Keep the pointed end free by securing it with two pins at the base. Work three more folded paper pieces around the egg.

Continue doing it

Continue doing it

Step 4: Continue to assemble your paper pine cone design in rows around the egg. As the egg grows in size, you’ll need to use more folded pieces to wrap around the circle. Attempt a ‘bricking effect,’ taking care to hide any gaps and pins from prior layers. Finally, embellish or hang it with a ribbon. Your pinecone is now ready to be used as a decoration in your home.

Paper pinecones

Paper pinecones


While making paper pine cones, always keep in mind that you are using dress pins nicely or, you can end up injuring yourself.

Since now you’re aware of the steps, try making your own Christmas decoration item at home. I hope this tutorial on how to make Christmas pinecones will have helped you.



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