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We all know how important it has become for us to have enough knowledge about everything happening in the world. Geography is one of those subjects that holds a special place in the education system. And, when it comes to geography, you must know various countries and their flags. This is why we are going to tell you how to make country flags using LEGO.

Is it that you find it difficult to teach your kids about the countries in the world and how their flags look? If yes, you don’t have to worry anymore as you can easily teach them using LEGO bricks. Well, what can be a better idea than making your kids learn and enjoy together by being creative with LEGO?

When you teach your kids to make country flags with LEGO bricks, it will enhance their knowledge and help develop their cognitive skills. You and your kids can have an amazing and joyful session of learning with LEGO.

So, let’s not waste any more time and have a look at the tools and materials that we are going to need to make country flags with LEGO.


You just need to collect the following LEGO bricks and you will be able to make the country flags of India, the USA, Russia, France, and Germany.


  • No tool required


  • Orange, White, Black, Yellow, Red and green LEGO bricks

Steps To Make Country Flags Using LEGO

All you need to do is do as per the instructions given, and you will be able to make different country flags using LEGO at home.

Step 1: Take Orange, white and green colour LEGO bricks and first put orange bricks together, then white, and then green. Then take a round LEGO piece and put it at the centre of the white stripe, and the Indian flag is ready.

Flag of India

Step 2: Make strips of red and white LEGO bricks and on the top left corner, make a blue square. Put white round pieces on it to resemble the stars, and the flag of the USA is ready.

Country Flags Using LEGO : Flag of USA

Flag of The USA

Step 3: Make three vertical strips of blue, white and red and put them together to make the flag of France.

Flag of France

Step 4: Make horizontal strips of white, blue, and red LEGO bricks and put them together. Your flag of Russia is ready.

Flag of Russia

Step 5: Make horizontal strips of black, red, and yellow LEGO bricks and join them together, and the German flag is ready.

Flag of Germany


While you are making these country flags using LEGO, make sure that you make your kids learn about them at the same time so that the session can prove to be fruitful.

So, now that you know how to make country flags using LEGO get started and make yourself with your kids!


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