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Do you want to do some paper crafts but aren’t sure what to do? The list might go on forever. There isn’t anything you can’t make out of paper. Why not try something more artistic this time? That’s correct; you read it correctly. Everyone likes to keep their home beautiful. So, how about being bold and attempting something different? Below mentioned instructions will teach you how to make crepe paper wisteria at home.


Making a crepe paper wisteria is straightforward if you have all of the essential things on hand. You’ll require the following items to make your own personalized crepe paper wisteria at home:



  • Crepe paper (3 colors)
  • Hoop
  • Thread

Steps To Make Crepe Paper Wisteria

Let’s start making a crepe paper wisteria when you’ve gathered your stuff. If you follow the instructions carefully, make it is simplistic:

Step 1: Firstly, pick out your favorite three colors and cut out wide strips of around 3 to 4 inches. Take one strip and fold it about 2.5 inches until the end.

fold the stripe

Fold the strip

Step 2: Now, cut out a petal shape from the folded strip. After cutting out the petals, grab the end of the petal and twist it. Fold the twisted part inside. Repeat the process with all the petals.

Make petals

Step 3: Take an embroidery thread and insert it into the needle. Now, with the help of the needle, insert all the petals in a sequence starting from light to dark, as shown in the image.

Insert into thread

Step 4: Similarly, insert all other petals. Make enough thread pieces to cover the hoop. Then, take the hoop and tie all the thread pieces around it.

Repeat the process

Step 5: Make a hanger for the hoop, and it is all ready to beautify your house.

Crepe paper wisteria


  • Be mindful when working with sharp objects: Stay alert while using the scissors or other equipment since even a slight distraction can cause severe cuts or injuries.

You’ve now learned to create such an incredible work of art. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s also fairly priced. Learning alone, however, is insufficient. You’re allowed to play around with it as much as you want. It’s now up to you to come up with new ideas. After following these simple directions, you’ll be able to learn how to make crepe paper wisteria. So seize the opportunity and wait to see what occurs.


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