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Paper cups play a vital role in our lives. We use paper cups for every event. Have you ever wondered how these paper cups are prepared? So, today we will look at how to make cups from paper. Thus in the following article, we will teach you this papercraft idea in a few easy steps. So, let us begin.


In the following section of the article, let us go through the list of supplies that are required to make cups using paper. They are as follows:


Steps To Make Cups From Paper

Step 1: The initial step is to fold the paper towards the top to make a triangle.

make a triangle

Folding the Paper to Make Triangle

Step 2: Now, fold the top corner of the paper so the edges can touch each other and then open it after drawing a line.

folding top corner

Folding Top Corner 

Step 3: The next step is to fold the corner so the tip can touch the edge of the paper that has been made in the previous step. Fold the second tip also so it will touch the corner which is developed.

folding corner

Folding Corner

Step 4: Now, fold the top flap downwards towards your direction. Then, fold down the other flap towards the backside.

folding downwards and folding the flap

Folding Downwards and Folding the Flap

Step 5: Finally, open the top, and with the help of the market, highlight the paper cup. Now you are ready with the cup to hold water.

How To Make Cups From Paper Papercraft

Paper Cup


  • We would suggest you use old used papers for learning and testing purposes.
  • We recommend you highlight the paper cup with the help of colorful markers.

Things To Remember

  • Make sure you draw the outlines appropriately.





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