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When travelling on the road, it’s not always about securing yourself, and one also has to make sure he/she does not interrupt anyone else’s movement on the road. Now, the question arises, why would one have to fit a cycle disk brake light on their cycles? A simple answer to that would be visibility during travelling for the rider and others driving. Such brake lights are beneficial for other riders because they allow the bicycle rider to be visible to other drivers/riders, reducing the chances of any accidents occurring due to low visibility. So, in Today’s article, we will learn how to make a cycle disc brake light.

We know why we need a cycle disk brake light, but how and where would someone get a cycle disk brake light? Today, the resources available to us daily are adequate for making such objects on your own! Then why don’t we learn how to make a cycle disc brake light?


For this project, we will need the following materials.


Steps To Make Cycle Disc Brake Light

Step 1: Take the red wire and fix it to one of the connectors of the LED SMD Injection Module.

How To Make Cycle Disc Brake Light

Join Red wire to LED SMD Injection Module

Step 2: Take the second connector and join it to the black wire of the battery connector. Finally, connect the remaining wires from the battery connector and the circuit wire. The finished model should look like this.

(Join black wire to LED SMD Injection Module) Cycle Disc Brake Light

Join black wire to LED SMD Injection Module

Step 3: Now that the circuit is complete, add a 9v battery to the circuit and stick it around the brake of your cycle in a secure manner. The other ends of the circuit wire that we kept untouched will now be attached to each side of the brake, which will connect when the rider presses the brake and the LED lights up. The model setup should look like this.

Cycle Disc Brake Light


  • Secure the wires properly
  • You can also use zip ties to keep the wire in place.

Making a cycle brake light at home is easy and less time-consuming. Not everyone has a handy hardware store near their house; it’s a reasonable move to make a brake light such as the one described at home.


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