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Why would you need a cycle handle light? In India, deaths due to road accidents have begun to occur more often than ever. As per data, we observe 1214 road accidents (Approx.) every day in India, and the majority of such cases do not end in a good manner. Wonder what could be the reason for such an occurrence? Lack of proper indication on the roads. For cycles, a vehicle that does not come equipped with indicators and handle lights play an important role for the riders. But, that does not mean you have to purchase new handle lights online when you can make them on your own in your room! The following steps given below will guide you on how to make cycle handle lights in a few minutes:


For this project, you would need only five items that could be found probably at any corner of your house! Or a nearby departmental store.


  • Glue gun


  • Bottlecap (small)
  • PVC tape
  • LED light (2)
  • Stick
  • Cardboard

Steps To Make Cycle Handle Light

Step 1: Take a bottle cap similar to the one showcased below

Make a small hole on the top of the cap, adequate to insert a LED light.

Make a small hole on the top of the cap, adequate to insert a LED light

Step 2: Take the LED bulb and fit it inside the bottle cap. Stick it inside using a glue gun.

Stick the Led bulb

Step 3: Close the bottom of the cap using a small piece of cardboard to seal the end of the cap, and the LED inside.

Close the bottom of the cap with a cardboard

Step 4: For enclosing the cap, use PVC tape to seal both ends of the cap. The side-light should look like the image given below.

Cycle Handle Light

Enclose cap with PVC tape

Step 5: Now that your handle light is made, your job does not end here. You have to mount it to the head part of your cycle handle, one for each side and stick two AA batteries on each side of the handle to charge your LED light. Do not stick the wires to the battery. Instead, stick the batteries near the brake wires so that when you pull the brakes, the wires tighten, pushing the LED light wires towards the batteries on both sides, turning the light. This is shown below.

Cycle Handle Light


  • Handle sharp objects carefully.
  • Make sure wires are tucked in carefully.

Making Cycle handle light is quite easy and fun. Along with providing safety, it also looks nice.


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