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Have you ever wondered how much can be done with a single piece of paper? The topic could go on and on. There’s nothing you can’t make out of paper. Why not attempt something a little more artistic and decent this time? That’s correct; you read it correctly. Everyone wants their gifts to look nice, right? So, how about being creative and attempting simply that? By following these steps, you may learn how to make DIY gift card holder at home.


Here’s the list of supplies you would need to make your own DIY gift card holder:



  • Patterned sheet
  • Gift card
  • Thread

Steps To Make DIY Gift Card Holder

After getting all the necessary resources, let’s head towards creating the gift cardholder. Following is the process of creating a DIY gift card holder:

Step 1: Begin with a 9-inch square piece of patterned paper. Bend the paper in half with the patterned side down and reopen it. This produces a crease in the centre for the next folding. Each side of the paper should be folded to touch the middle crease. Unfold once more.

Fold the sheet

Step 2: Bend each edge inwards, aligning up the lines with the creases you just formed on the outside. Then, bring the right and left panels together to meet in the centre.

Fold the edges inwards

Step 3: Bend the top of the sheet down and over. Fold the inside white triangle straight at the edge. In the same manner, wrap up the bottom. The top and bottom should be slightly overlapped. Insert the bottom flap into the top flap.

Insert one flap into another

Step 4: Insert a gift card into the slot and seal the gift card case. The upper flap may not fold all the way down to the bottom border, relying on the width of your sheet and the length of your gift card.

Overlap the borders

Step 5: You’ll need to add some kind of closure to preserve the gift card holder sealed. And your gift card holder is complete.

DIY Gift Card Holder

DIY Gift Card Holder


  • Measure accurately: Make sure to measure the creases and fold carefully so that it comes out exactly the way you want.

So, isn’t it super simple to build this lovely and simple DIY gift cardholder? It most emphatically is. Try to make the object more appealing by decorating it with a range of materials such as stones and stickers. It is now up to you to generate new ideas. You may learn how to make DIY gift card holder by following these simple instructions.


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