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Traveling may be stressful, especially when flying. You must arrive early at the airport, go through security, and hope that your luggage is not lost in the process. However, owing to luggage tags, the chances of your bags being misplaced are small. Yes, and so we are here with the tutorial on how to make DIY Luggage tags.

These tags send crucial information to airlines to reunite you with your misplaced luggage. Luggage tags serve as a means of identifying your baggage.

Whether you travel by boat, train, or plane, your luggage will almost certainly be labeled. Luggage tags are used for a variety of reasons. It aids passengers in identifying their luggage at the baggage carousel, for example. It also keeps track of lost luggage.

Luggage tags have made traveling more efficient in general. They make sure your luggage arrives at the correct location, so you can relax the next time you’re on the road! And it’s awesome when you can create these tags at home, right? So, without any diversion, read this post out.


If you want to make luggage tags, you will have to collect all these materials.


  • Scissors


Steps To Make DIY Luggage Tags

To create tags for your luggage, you’re supposed to follow these steps.

Step 1: Make your own luggage tags by combining your favorite paper patterns. Cut two identically sized and shaped pieces of cardstock. This is what your tag’s front and back will look like.

Take designer paper

Take designer paper

Step 2: Cut two pieces of ribbon that are about 8 inches long each. To make a sandwich of materials, layer the paper and ribbon on the exterior and the ribbon on the inside. Assemble the layers by gluing them together.

Add ribbon

Add ribbon

Step 3: You don’t need glue if you’re using adhesive-backed paper; simply place the ribbon in the center of the paper and layer the sheets together, adhesive sides facing each other.

Use adhesive

Use adhesive

Step 4: Add any extra decorations or embellishments to your tag. If you’d like, you can include your contact information or a favorite quote.

Decorate the tag

Decorate the tag

Step 5: Make your luggage tags as unique as possible. Draw, make a collage, use photos of your favorite destinations as printouts, or use attractive printed sheets.

Luggage tags

DIY Luggage Tags

Now that you know the steps, it’s your time to create luggage tags for yourself. I hope this guide on how to make DIY luggage tags will have helped you.



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