How To Make DIY Rhythm And Sound Instruments

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We all live in an era where music holds a special place in our lives. No matter which country are from, you can’t deny the importance of music, songs, and musical instruments in society. You must know at least one such person who is a music lover or likes to sing or play musical instruments. This is the reason that today we are going to learn how to make DIY Rhythm and sound instruments.

Do you know how to play any musical instrument in particular? If you like to play the drums, you can have fun playing the drums at home. It is surely going to cost you a lot if you buy drums, and it is worth it only if you are serious about it. If you are looking for something fun, you can enjoy playing DIY drums.

What would your reaction be if we said that you could easily make drums at home? Yes, you heard it right, as it is quite easy to make drums on your own. If you have empty tin cans, you can make drums at home in simple steps.

So, let’s not waste any more time and learn about the materials and tools needed while making DIY drums.


You need to collect the following materials and tools to get started with making your drums as a rhythm and sound instrument.



  • Wooden sticks
  • Leather
  • Colorful fabric
  • Tin cans
  • Cotton
  • Leather lace
  • Wooden ball
  • Pencils

Steps To Make DIY Rhythm And Sound Instruments (Drums)

Follow these easy steps, and you can make beautiful drums by yourself.

Step 1: Cut down the fabric as per the size of your tin can, apply glue to it and paste it around the tin.

Paste fabric on the tin

Step 2: Keep your tin on leather and measure and draw the circle of your tin and then draw another circle at a distance of 1 inch around that circle.

Draw a circle

Step 3: Now, in between the actual circle and the extended circle, draw points with a pencil and then make holes at those points with a punching machine.

Make holes using the punching machine

Step 4: Take the leather lace, insert it through the holes you have made, and put it tightly around your tin can’s top.

Insert the leather lace

Step 5: Take another leather lace and insert it diagonally through the laces on the top and bottom.

Insert the lace diagonally

Step 6: Take the wooden sticks, insert the ball on the top, and paste the cotton on the balls. Your drumsticks and drums are ready.

DIY Drums


While you are making these drums at home, make sure to handle all the tools with care.

Now you know how to make DIY Rhythm and sound instruments. So, let’s make drums on your own.


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