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We all have our friends and family members who don’t live nearby. You must have some people who are far away, so you cannot see or meet them continuously. What can be better than writing letters to your loved ones when you miss them? This is why we will learn how to make envelopes using newspaper today.

Some of you might be wondering why you write letters or make envelopes when you can just send them messages or hear their voices on voice calls and video calls. We know that we are living in a time when the internet has evolved as a powerful medium. It is quite easy to be in touch with your friends and family via various means of communication. But does it have the same emotional quotient that a letter can carry?

The same is the case with envelopes because when you make them yourself, it has a lot of feelings connected to them. When you write letters to your beloved people and send them in an envelope made by you, it will make them feel special and loved.

So, what are we waiting for now? Let’s begin our work and gather all the necessary materials and tools that you need to make envelopes using newspapers.


Collect the following tools and materials to get started.



  • Newspaper
  • Tape
  • Glue

Steps To Make Envelopes Using Newspaper

Follow the given easy steps to make your envelopes using newspaper.

Step 1: Cut out a newspaper page and fold it in half.

Take a newspaper

Step 2: Put the letter you want to send on top of it in the center.

Fold it and put the letter on top

Step 3: Now, fold the newspaper from both sides.

Fold both sides

Step 4: Now, fold the sheet from all four corners such that it resembles dog ears and paste it using tape or glue.

Fold the four corners into dog ears

Step 5: Fold the paper bottom side up to cover more than half your letter and paste the sides.

Fold the bottom side up

Step 6: Finally, fold the upper side down and seal it with a wax seal or a sticker, and it’s done.

Newspaper Envelope


When making these envelopes, make sure to use all the tools carefully. Take all the measurements carefully so that your envelope comes out well.

So, now you are well aware of how to make envelopes using newspapers. So, wait no more and make your own to send letters to your loved ones.


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