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Want to know how to make a fabric flower headband at home? If yes, then this post is for you only. Keep reading to know this beautiful accessory for yourself or for your kid.

Well, we all know that headbands are best if you’re feeling irritated by your hair. You can even use it without any need. It’s among the best head accessories. And it’s best when you can make one for yourself at home, right?


You’ll have to collect the following written materials to make a beautiful fabric flower headband.


  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Sewing machine
  • All pin


Steps To Make Fabric Flower Headband

Follow the mentioned written steps and make a beautiful fabric flower headband in a matter of time.

Step 1: Find all the necessary materials and place them on a table.

Collect materials

Step 2: Now take two silk cloths. You have to cut two different sizes of circles with each. So, for example, cut the first circle with a diameter of 10 and then the next one with a diameter of 8. Choose whatever colours you like the most.

Cut two circle

Step 3: Once you’re done with properly cutting two circles, use the same and cut 5 more of each. Make sure the size are equal.

Prepare 12 pieces

Step 4: Now, take a lighter and give the border of each circle around the fire. Don’t put it on fire for a long time. You just have to slightly move your hand with the lighter on.

Border work

Step 5: Start with folding a circle into a triangle.

Fold the small circle

Step 6: Repeat the same step with the bigger circle. Now place the smaller one above the large circle. Now take a needle with thread on it and insert it from one end to the other.

Use thread to give petal-like structure

Step 7: Repeat the same steps with all the circles. In this way, you’re preparing the petals.

Repeat the steps

Step 8: Once you’re done with six, join all of them together, as shown in the morning image below.

Make a flower

Step 9: Take another silk cloth. Cut a very small circle and make a flower out of it.

Prepare another small flower

Step 10: Once you’re done, insert the smaller circle with the help of a needle.


Step 11: At the end, choose an elastic band.

Take elastic

Step 12: Cut the proper size and sew it around your fabric flower.

Flower fabric headband

Flower fabric headband


Keep in mind these important things while making this headband.

  • Use a sewing machine with care.
  • Make petals efficiently.

And that’s it. You’ll be holding a new headband to wear which you made yourself. Hope this post on how to make fabric flower headband would have helped you.


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