How To Make Flowers Using Plastic Bags

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Have you ever considered making artistic items out of household waste? Well, I’m sure we all did something similar in school. Have you ever attempted to make something from used plastic bags? Isn’t that an unusual ingredient? Today, we’ll learn how to make flowers using plastic bags at home in this lesson.


Making a plastic bag flower is straightforward if you get all of the critical ingredients on board. You’ll need to have the following supplies to make flowers using plastic bags:



  • Plastic bags
  • Thin wires
  • Electrical or masking tape
  • Twigs

Steps To Make Flowers Using Plastic Bags 

So get on building a plastic bag flower when you’ve gathered your stuff. If you properly follow the instructions, making a plastic bag flower is an easy task:

Step 1: To begin, cut two 20-cm lengths of fine wire. Fold the tips up and put a strip of tape around every tip to hide the jagged edges.

Cover the ends

Step 2: Cut the heads and bottom of the bags off, forming a rectangular plastic. Trim one lengthy rectangle along with the folded corners, then in half to make two rectangles.

Cut rectangles

Step 3: Make 12 equal strips out of the two rectangles now. Stack the pieces in two heaps of six after they’ve been cut.

Stack up the strips

Step 4: Fold the short end of the pieces into a concertina shape. Then, carefully coil the wire all around folded plastic strands, twisting it three or four times to lock it in position.

Fold the strips

Step 5: Make a bow-like shape by fanning out the layers of plastics. The floral petals are made by pulling the upper surface away from other strips.

Make bow shape

Step 6: To finish the flower head, repeat the process on all layers of plastic. Scissors can be used to reshape and polish them.

Shape up the flowers

Step 7: To make a stem for the flower parts, wrap the wire around a stick. To make the second flower, follow steps 6-11. You’re free to produce as many as you’d like now.

Plastic Bags Flowers


  • Be careful with sharpies: Make sure to use sharp objects like cutters and scissors carefully as they can cause serious injuries if not used properly.

Isn’t it extremely simple to make these lovely and simple plastic bag flowers? It most certainly is. You’ve already figured out how to make such a fantastic piece of art. It’s lovely, but it can also be constructed in a few simple steps. However, learning is inadequate on its own. You are free to experiment with it as much as you wish.

Plastic bags can also be used to make different types of flowers. And it is now up to you to think of fresh concepts. You may learn how to make flowers using plastic bags by implementing these simple instructions. So, put this strategy into action and wait to see what happens.


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