How To Make Fruit Slice Pillows

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Hey, how is your crying shoulder doing? Couldn’t guess? It’s your pillow, of course. However, have you ever even thought that you could make one by yourself also? Most people haven’t, I guess. So here’s a tutorial that will help you create your own customized cuddling partner in just a few steps. Following these simple steps, you’ll be able to learn how to make fruit slice pillows at home.


Here’s a list of supplies you would need in order to make these cute fruit slice pillows at home:


  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Pins
  • Sewing stuff


Steps To Make Fruit Slice Pillows

You’ve already collected all the necessary stuff, so here is the process of how you can create your own customized fruit slice pillows:

Step 1: Take a large piece of cloth in the colour you like. Here in case, it’s orange. Double the cloth. Now, trace out a circle on tracing paper and cut it out.

Trace a circle

Step 2: Now, put the paper onto your doubly folded cloth and pin it up there. Cut the cloth a little larger than the size of the sheet with the help of scissors.

Cut it out

Step 3: Here, you get two pieces of the same size. Take a white-coloured cloth and cut it into a circular shape smaller than the orange one. For the inside texture portion, take a yellow coloured cloth and cut them into the shape as shown in the picture.

Cut the details

Step 4: Sew these parts onto one of the orange clothes. Next, cut out a strip of orange cloth so that it fully fences the circle and leaves some extras too.

Fence it out

Step 5: Stitch the strip on the border of the orange cloth so that it joins both the pieces. Make sure the front side comes out clear (Stitch inside out).

Join the borders

Step 6: Fill in the cotton into the space and seal it up. Booyah, your Fruit Slice Pillow is all ready to cuddle with.

How To Make Fruit Slice Pillows

Fruit Slice Pillows


  • Be careful with sharpies: Don’t use sharp objects like scissors or needles carelessly as they can cause serious injuries.

Isn’t it easy to make these pleasant and simple fruit slice pillows? It unequivocally is. Make pillows using concepts from different other fruits. You can come up with new ideas. Follow the abovementioned simple directions to learn how to make fruit slice pillows.


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