How To Make Fruity Paper Medallions

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Have you ever considered how much can be accomplished with a single piece of paper? The list might go on forever. There isn’t anything you can’t make out of paper. Let’s try something a little more creative and enjoyable this time? That’s correct; you read it correctly. So, how about being bold and attempting something different? Below mentioned steps will teach you how to make fruity paper medallions at home.


If you have all of the critical ingredients on hand, making a fruity paper medallion is simple. You’ll need the following supplies to produce your fruity paper medallions at home:



  • Cardstock paper (2-3 colors)
  • Popsicle stick

Steps To Make Fruity Paper Medallions

Now that you’ve gathered your components let’s start crafting a fruity paper medallion. If you carefully follow the instructions, making a fruity paper medallion is a straightforward task:

Step 1: Firstly, take an orange-colored cardstock paper and cut it into a 3-inch wide strip. Score it at around half inches until the end.

Cut out a strip

Step 2: Now, take a popsicle stick and glue it at one end of the strip. Glue the other end on the opposite side, as shown in the image.

Attach the popsicle

Step 3: Apply glue using a hot glue gun on the front side of the strip and paste a circular colored sheet onto it as shown in the image.

Paste a circle

Step 4: Apply glue on the other side and paste the leftover part of the sheet over it. Let it dry.

Glue the leftover part

Step 5: Cut out a few triangular pieces as shown in the image and paste them onto the front of our citrus medallion.

Add some details

Step 6: Your fruity paper medallion is ready now.

Fruity paper medallion


  • When working with sharp or hot equipment, keep the following in mind: When handling scissors or other hot tools, keep your eyes peeled because even a minor diversion can result in significant cuts, burns, or accidents.

Isn’t this crafty and easy-peasy fruity paper medallion wonderfully simple to make? It most certainly is. You’ve already figured out how to make such a fantastic piece of art. It’s lovely, but it can also be constructed in a few simple steps. However, learning is insufficient on its own. You are free to experiment with it as much as you wish.

Using your imagination, you can make a variety of fruity medallions. It’s now up to you to think of fresh concepts. You may learn how to make fruity paper medallions by following these simple instructions. So, put this strategy into action and wait to see what happens.


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