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This tutorial will show you how to build a heron’s fountain science model. Heron’s Fountain Model is named after the physicist and mathematician Heron of Alexandria. Heron’s model, a hydraulic machine, is a steam engine that emphasizes air and steam pressure.

There are many variations in the heron’s fountain model that explain the theory of hydraulic and pneumatic.


To build herons fountain model, we need;


  • 3 bottles with their lid
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissor
  • Straw
  • Drill machine
  • Cutter

Steps To Make Heron’s Fountain Model

Step 1: First, stick to the lid of the bottle one upon another using a glue gun.

glue gun

Step 2: Make holes in one upon another lid and a single lid using a drill machine.

drill machine

Step 3: Now, take a bottle and make a hole at its bottom using a drill machine and stick the single hole lid at its base.

at its base

Step 4: Now, close a bottle with one upon one lid and close another bottle upon it (as shown in the figure).

upon it

Step 5: Take a straw similar to the size of a bottle and cut at its end slightly, add another straw to it (as shown in the figure), and secure it with the glue gun.

with the glue gun

Step 6: Now, how to pass the straw with the whole back in the bottle. Cut straws upper end and stick with another.

with another

Step 7: For another hole on the lid, just make sure to add Straw on the upper only now closed the cover in the bottle (with the hole at the bottom).

cover in the bottle

Step 8: Now, add another restore with the lid into that bottle (with the hole).

into that bottle

Step 9: now cut a bottle in half and stick it to the upper lid.

upper lid

Step 10: Now add water to the half one and whenever the last bottle fills, just reverse the model (as shown in the figure).

the model

Step 11: Now again, return to the previous model, refill the upper half bottle, and be the magic happen.

magic happen

Heron’s fountain science model is ready for the presentation.

Heron's Fountain Model For Science Exhibition


Herons Fountain is a simple Physics experiment that explains the theory of hydraulic machines. When the water flows from high gravitational force to low gravitational force under the air pressure, this causes water to wash and sprout.

This is a picture describing the Physics of Heron’s fountain model.

fountain model

Heroes fountain model helps students understand the concept of hydraulic machines and their physics and make them at home with readily available material for science exhibitions.



  • Take help of adults while using drill machine.
  • Carefully use a hot glue gun. It may burn your hands.



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