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Hey, can you think of a common Japanese fashion piece that serves both utilitarian and decorative reasons while also serving as military technology? Umm…if you guessed the Japanese fan, you are correct! And here, you’ll learn how to make Japanese fans.

The fan is a well-known symbol of Japanese culture, and it’s more than just a way to keep cool on a hot day. While traditional Japanese fans no longer have a place on modern battlefields, they remain an artistic medium and useful fashion accessory.

In the past bloody periods, the samurai used these fans to send code messages. However, Japanese fans are now mostly utilized to keep cool during the scorching hot summers in Japan. And we Indians love it a lot. It’s something which fascinates us a lot.

So, if you’re someone who loves Japanese culture and want to have a Japanese fan, give this post a read.


You’ll need to collect these supplies to make a Japanese fan.


  • Scissors


Steps To Make Japanese Fans

You are supposed to follow the steps to make a perfect Japanese fan.

Step 1: Take a stick. It should be around 20 cm. Now with the help of a needle, make a small hole. Make a hole at around 3 cm.

Make a hole

Make a hole on the Stick

Step 2: Repeat the same steps with the sticks.

Ten sticks

Step 3: Now, take a thin wire. Attach all the sticks with the help of a wire. Tie the end so that it’ll be joined together.

Tie them

Step 4: Now, put the sticks on white paper. First, with the help of scissors, cut a small semi-circle out of paper. Once it’s done, paste the sticks on the sheet. Remove the excess.

Paste paper

Step 5: Now, cover the white paper with the designer sheet.

Cover with a designer sheet

Step 6: Once you’re done, start overlapping your sticks.


Step 7: Now, take a thread and make a thread bell. You can make it as you want.

Make a hassle

Step 8: At last, attach a pearl to the wire and then attach the bell.

Attach thread bell

Step 9: And here’s your Japanese fan ready to use.

Japanese fan


  • Measure correctly: Make sure the measure is taken correctly to fit right into place.

Whoa! It’s easy to make, right? Well, it’s awesome to have one in your purse even if you don’t use it. It gives a decent Japanese look.

So, why not make one for yourself? Give this tutorial on how to make Japanese fans a quick read again and make one for yourself.


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