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Have you ever considered what you could make out of discarded materials? The list might go on forever. Why not try something a little more decorative this time? That’s correct; you read it correctly. Who doesn’t want to enhance the beauty of their home? So, how about being bold and attempting something different? Following these steps will teach you how to make a newspaper lantern out of waste newspapers at home.


For making a newspaper lantern at home, there are certain resources you would be needed to buy or gather. Following is the list of stuff that would be needed for you to create a beautiful newspaper lantern at home:



  • Balloon
  • Newspaper
  • Tissue paper
  • Poster colours

Steps To Make A Newspaper Lantern

Let’s start building a newspaper lantern after you’ve gathered your components. If you properly follow the instructions, making a newspaper lantern is an easy task:

Step 1: Firstly, take a balloon and blow it up. Keep it aside. Now, take the newspaper and cut it into small parts.

Cut into smaller parts

Step 2: Now, with the help of a knitting stick, roll out the sheets into pipes and apply glue at the end to secure.

Roll the strips

Step 3: Take the pipes, wrap them around a small circle container to become round, and apply some glue to secure them.

Make circles out of it

Step 4: Take the balloon and paste the circles onto it one by one. Apply enough glue for it to stay attached.

Paste over the balloon

Step 5: Once you’re done pasting all the circles over the balloon until it is fully covered, take some tissue paper and apply it over the whole piece with the help of a water glue mixture and brush.

Apply tissue paper

Step 6: You can do an optional step by colouring our lantern with your favourite vibrant colours. Your newspaper lantern is already.

Colour if you want

Step 7: Put some lights inside it and hang, or you can fix it over some bulbs to give a celebratory look.

Newspaper lantern


  • Use sharpies carefully: Be attentive while using sharp equipment like scissors, etc., as they can cause serious injuries.
  • Apply glue nicely: Make sure to put enough glue for the newspapers to stick together, or else it will get scattered.

Try to use a range of materials to beautify the item, such as stones, coloured pipes, and rings, to produce a lovely and musical sound when touched by the wind. It’s now up to you to think of fresh concepts. You may learn how to make a newspaper lantern by following these simple instructions. So, put this strategy into action and wait to see what happens.


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