How To Make Origami Pull-Out Drawers

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Want to learn how to make origami pull-out drawers? If yes, then you’re at the right place.

We all know that arts and crafts as a discipline in the school syllabus are usually deemed a requirement for children and young children in formal education. However, many schools have sadly reduced arts in their school curriculum during the last few years.

Arts and crafts are the best way to enjoy free time. Various arts and crafts activities can boost children’s interest and develop their artistic potential, such as coloring with crayons or building miniature statues out of clay, folding paper to produce excellent origami, or designing a homemade birthday card.

So, let’s revive this tradition of paper art and craft and learn how to make pull-out drawers here. Keep reading and know the easy steps.


Collect these materials, and you can make a pull-out drawer in minutes.



  • Square Paper

Steps To Make Origami Pull-Out Drawers

Have a look at the steps written below to make origami pull-out drawers.

Step 1: Take a sheet. Fold all the sides to mark creases. Then fold upside down first and then diagonally.

Fold all sides

Step 2: Now fold two small triangles on both sides.

Make creases

Step 3: Now open the folds again. Then again, fold the sheet into a triangle.

Fold triangle

Step 4: Open the sheet again. Now fold both sides vertically. It should look something like shown in the image below.

Fold both sides

Step 5: Now adjust the sheet.


Step 6: Open the sheet again. You’ll be having paper all over the creases.


Step 7: Now, start folding the paper as per the crease. Make a box out of it.


Step 8: Repeat the steps and make similar boxes. Then attach both from one another.

Make two-three

Step 9: Then, take another sheet. Repeat the steps to make a box. Make creases again.

Make creases

Step 10: Fold the paper into a box. Just follow the creases, and you’ll be holding a box.

Fold into box

Step 11: And here’s your pull-out drawer ready.

Pull-out Drawers


Keep in mind this thing while making a pull-out drawer with paper.

  • While making creases make sure you’re not folding the papers too tight or loose.

Whoa! It’s easy to make right. Paper crafts are just amazing. It’s like you can create anything out of it.

Hope this post on how to make origami paper pull-out drawers would have helped you.


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