How To Make Oxygen At Home Using Caustic Soda

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to make oxygen at home using caustic soda. Oxygen is the most abundant of all the elements in the atmosphere.

It is essential for the life support system in hospitals and underwater during diving. Most of the oxygen has been produced by photosynthesis. The green matter of plant chlorophyll absorbs energy from the sun and converts carbon dioxide and water in the atmosphere into glucose and oxygen. But we can also make oxygen using various chemical methods.


To make oxygen at home, we need some supplies, which is listed below; 


  • Adopter
  • Wire 
  • Two iron nails
  • Soldering iron
  • Cutter 
  • IV tube 


  • A big Bucket
  • Plastic Bottle
  • Caustic soda
  • Water 

Steps To Make Oxygen At Home Using Caustic Soda

Step 1: First, take the bucket and mix two tablespoons of caustic soda in it. 

Mixing caustic soda

Step 2: Now, Connect the adopter with the wire. 

Step 3: Cut the bottle in half and make a hole in the top of the bottle using the soldering iron. 

Cutting the bottle in half

Step 4: Now fix the one adopter wire from the bottle hole and put another wire in the bucket. 

Step 5: Put the bottle in the bucket and attach the IV tube at the top.

Attaching IV Tube

Step 6: Now plug in the adapter and switch it on. 

Plugging in the adapter

Step 7: After some time, you’ll observe the little foam overwater. You’ll feel the oxygen coming out from the end of the IV tube.

Oxygen prepared using caustic soda

Using an oxygen mask, you can also put it on your mouth and breathe oxygen. This is the simplest method of making oxygen using caustic soda. 


Oxygen cylinders are widely used in hospitals, mountaineers, and pilots at high altitudes. It is also used for artificial respiration in the case of surgery and heart ailments. 

There are some other chemical reactions and methods which can be used to produce oxygen. This caustic soda experiment of making oxygen at home will help students understand oxygen gas properties and formation.

Things To Remember

  • Be careful while using soldering iron. 
  • While using electric wire and water, students must take the adult help. 


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