How To Make Paper Cocktail Umbrellas

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Want to learn how to make paper cocktail umbrellas? Well, you’ll learn that here but first, let’s look at what it is exactly.

So, a cocktail umbrella is made up of a wooden or bamboo spear and a piece of colorful Japanese art paper. Usually, a bartender opens the umbrella canopy and places it in the glass as a colorful garnish after making certain types of mixed cocktails. You must have seen that in Clubs, right?

But what’s the use of a cocktail umbrella? Well, the umbrella is usually held open by a tiny ring around the skewer while the recipient drinks using a straw. It’s been said that the cocktail umbrella keeps rum and other volatile spirits from melting too quickly. Also, the alcohol fumes are said to be contained behind the umbrella so that when the customer puts it aside to take a sip, the fragrant gases reach his or her nose. And there are many other reasons too.

Okay, so what’s the thing you miss the most when you’re having drinks at home? Umm… not the bartender. Yes, it’s the cocktail umbrella in your glass. When you have some drink at home, I’m sure you won’t feel like drinking it before making a nice glass presentation, right? And for that, a cocktail umbrella is a must. So, why not learn how to make one?

Yes, and here you can learn the easiest way to make a cocktail umbrella. So, read on to know how to make a small cocktail umbrella.


To make cute cocktail umbrellas, you’ll need these materials.



  • Paper
  • Stick

Steps To Make Paper Cocktails Umbrella

Here are the simple steps to make paper cocktail umbrellas. Follow the steps thoroughly, and you’ll hold one in your hands.

Step 1: Take a sheet. Cut a circular shape out of it. Make sure the radius of the circle is small.

Circular paper

Step 2: With the help of scissors, cut the radius of the sheet.

Cut radius

Step 3: Now, hold both the ends and fold the sheet a little. Use glue and paste it like that.

Fold and joint

Step 4: Attach a thin wooden stick to it, and that’s it.

Cocktail Umbrella


  • Use sharp equipment carefully: Be careful while using the scissors etc as they can cause serious cuts and injuries.

And here’s your cocktail umbrella, ready. Well, it’s awesome for people who like to drink. Even if it’s a soft drink, you can have one in your glass, and it’ll look cool.

So, I hope this guide on how to make paper cocktail umbrellas would have helped you.


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