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Want to learn how to make paper diamond pendant? If yes, this post is for you.

Well, we all know how much women adore jewelry. It is a valuable asset for every Indian woman. You should be aware that India’s jewelry designs are influenced by the country’s rich culture and customs.

In simple words, it can transform a person’s appearance and make them appear lovely in an instant. It’s quite known that designer jewelry is made of various metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and various gemstones such as diamonds, pearls, rubies, and many more, but not everyone can afford it. Hence it’s good if you know how to make pretty paper jewelry.

The huge interest in paper jewelry has aided the growth of the Handcrafted Fashion Jewellery sector. Yes, and now you can make trendy organic jewelry at home using papercrafts. So, why not learn the basic steps here only.

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Now let us gather the supplies to do this papercraft project.



  • Square sheet

Step To Make Paper Diamond Pendant

Here are the steps you are supposed to follow to make a paper diamond pendant.

Step 1: Take a square sheet. Fold into triangles from both sides. Then, fold into squares. You have to make creases.

Make creases

Step 2: Hold from both sides and fold the paper into a triangle.

Fold into triangle

Step 3: Now fold from the front. Make two triangles.

Make two triangles

Step 4: Remove the excess part. Make sure you’re not cutting the triangle.

Remove excess part

Step 5: Now open the sheet again. Use a pen and mark these signs. Take a reference from the image below.

Make signs

Step 6: Now fold the paper as per the pen marks.


Step 7: Use glue and start folding the paper as per the creases.


Step 8: And you’ll get a paper diamond. The last step is to use a thread and attach it to the pendant. Now you can wear it.

Diamond pendant


  • Make nice creases: You must make smooth creases to have your object folded easily; otherwise, it would look messy only.

Do you know what the best thing is about this paper diamond pendant? Well, it is that you can use any color sheets and wear them as per your dress color. It’ll look awesome in this modern era as even quilling earrings are in trend these days.

So, now that you know the steps give this how to make a paper diamond pendant a quick try.


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    Wow! this is a great way to make a paper diamond pendant, it’s really beautiful like a jewelry pendant. Thank you for sharing such an interesting article. Please update us with other beautiful articles. Thakyou!


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