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The arrival of spring deserves a celebration, and a flower crown is an ideal way to do so. So, want to learn how to make a paper floral crown?

Well, it’s because Paper flower crowns are one of our favorite things to make since they never die. Imagine wearing a floral crown made entirely of genuine flowers. Till when will you be able to have it? Umm…not for so long. So yes, you can construct a floral paper crown and keep it for a long time.

Keep reading this post and learn the steps to make a pretty crown for yourself. You’ll be like a princess after wearing it.


Now that you’re determined to make a beautiful crown for yourself, just gather these basic materials.



  • Green chart paper
  • Red chart paper
  • Cotton

Steps To Make Paper Floral Crown

To make a pretty floral crown, you’re just supposed to repeat the process written below:

Step 1: Take thin wire. With the help of an instrument, fold it in a circular shape. Make sure you’re joining the ends so that it won’t open. This is going to be the base of your crown. Take the size of your head if necessary.

Circular wire

Step 2: Use a green color sheet and cut out leaves. You can take the illustration from the image below. Cut 20-25 leaves.

Make leaves

Step 3: Now, take cotton. Make a small ball and cover it with an orange sheet. Take out a red chart paper. Cut a strip of it. Make cuts, as shown in the image. Now attach the whole thing to the wire as it’s towing.

Make flowers

Step 4: This step is optional. You can make as many flowers as you want. Also, you can try making different flowers. Here, we have used green paper to cover the base of the flower.

Attach green part

Step 5: You’ll need enough cotton also. You can add it to your crown to make it more beautiful.

Make buds

Step 6: The last step is to weave each part to your circular wire.


Step 7: And here’s your pretty crown, ready to wear.

Floral crown


  • Measure correctly: Make sure the measure is taken correctly so that it fits right into place.

The steps are simple and cool. So, if you’re someone who loves watching Disney Princess stories and want to look like a princess, this tutorial is for you.

I hope you must have got how to make paper floral crowns by now. Well, if yes, then it’s your turn to make one yourself.


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