How To Make Paper Geode Garland

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Want to learn how to make paper geode garland? You’ll read all about paper geode garland here.

Well, one must always consider the advantages of decorative additions instead of spending a lot of money on the house remodel. Yes, you can bring a bit of freshness to your home by adding decorations. So, if you’re thinking about redesigning your home, you should consider the materials you want to use.

The usage of various materials in home decor is becoming increasingly fashionable nowadays. And If you’re considering a home interior makeover, you might want to consider experimenting with different materials to brighten up your home’s interiors. So, what about using paper?

Yes, I’m talking about papers only! You can now convert these papers into decorative materials and decorate your home. For example, you can use these geode garlands and decorate your home curtains.

Well, it sounds beautiful. And it is exactly.


To make a paper geode garland, you’ll need these materials.



  • Template
  • Needle and thread
  • Beads (if wanted)

Steps To Make Paper Geode Garland

Step 1: You’ll need this template. Print this template. You can search for a template for making a 3d diamond, and you’ll find the same on the internet. Just print it out.


Step 2: Now, take a chart paper. Cut out the same shape as the temple. Cut around 50 shapes. You can choose any color. Mark the outer shape with the help of a pen/pencil and cut the marked shape.

Make shapes

Step 3: Now arrange the shapes. Make a 3d diamond out of it. Use glue and secure the position. You just have to fold as per the sides. It’s a matter of seconds, and you’ll be holding a 3d diamond in your hand.

Make 3D diamond

Step 4: Use needle and thread and attach these 3d diamonds. Add beads if you want to. Make sure you’re making long strands, as these will be hung above your curtains.

Attach pieces

Step 5: And here’s your decorative material, ready to use. It’ll surely loom beautiful.

Paper Geode Garland


  • Use sharp equipment carefully: Be careful while using the scissors, etc., as they can cause serious cuts and injuries.

Wow, it’s easy to make and beautiful to look at. You can hang it on your curtains, and it’ll look beautiful. You can even decorate the walls with these. On white walls, it’ll look more appealing.

So, give this post on how to make paper geode garland a quick read. And this way, learn these easy steps.


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