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Kids are more tied to the internet in today’s world. Their daily lives are surrounded by many electronic devices, but is art and craft truly not essential for youngsters nowadays? Despite the numerous learning options afforded by technology, art and craft may still be a fun way to explore the world of creative thinking. Well, here you’ll learn how to make paper geometric bowls. And yes, it’s not related to technology but papercraft.

Paper crafts are a type of art and craft activity that allows children to express themselves creatively. When it comes to defining the art of papercrafts, any activity that includes constructing something out of paper can be considered a papercraft.

Paper-crafting can be a great way for kids to improve their concentration. Children keep trying until they reach their desired result because paper-crafting keeps them occupied until it is completed. Papercraft is a step-by-step process in which each step is critical, necessitating patience and concentration. Kids grew more alert and focused due to their excitement and caution in avoiding any missteps in their steps.

So, keep reading and make these geometric paper bowls.


To make a geometric paper bowl, you’ll need just two things, that is:



  • Designer paper
  • Glue

Steps To Make Paper Geometric Bowls

Step 1: Cut two scrapbook paper pieces. The outside of the bowl will be one piece, and the inside will be another.



Step 2: Print the template on the reverse of both scrapbook paper pieces.



Step 3: Cut around the hexagon’s outside edge and along the dotted lines, as indicated in the photo below in red.

Cut the Template

Cut the template

Step 4: Fold along each written line to begin. The internal portion should be folded toward the patterned side of the paper, while the external piece should be folded away.



Step 5: Apply glue to the entire triangle, then move the triangle next to it over until they completely overlap.



Step 6: For the inner piece, continue with all of the numbered triangles. Leave two portions of the external component unglued so that you may insert the internal piece.



Step 7: Trim any edges along the opening to make them flush. That’s all there is to it.

Geometric bowl

Geometric bowl


  • Make nice creases: You should make smooth creases to make your art piece look beautiful and the same.

It’s easy to make these geometric origami paper bowls. You can make your active organizers with only a little folding and gluing. Well, I hope this post on how to make paper geometric bowls will have helped you.


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