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We all know that the top hat is something that has never been a more refined and commanding hat in fashion. In 1797, when haberdasher John Hetherington wore the first top hat, it almost ignited a riot. It provides whoever wears it a gentlemanly appearance. So, why not learn how to make paper mini top hats.

You’re probably wondering why you’d need a small hat. Okay, so you can make something for your dolls? Umm… Well, you totally can! So keep reading to learn the amazing steps to make a paper mini top hat.


To make a mini top hat, you must gather all the necessary materials.



  • Black chart paper

Steps To Make Paper Mini Top Hats

Follow these steps and make mini top hats:

Step 1: Cut a rectangular strap out of a black chart. Now fold it in a cylindrical shape. Glue it so that it’ll secure the same position. Make sure you’re taking the right size.

Fold in a cylindrical shape

Step 2: Put the cylindrical shape paper on another black chart paper. Mark the circle and cut it out. You’ll be using it to cover the top of your hat. Measure the circle correctly, or later on, it’ll be hard to trim the extra part.

Cut a circle

Step 3: You have to cut another circle. This time cut a bigger circle. Once you’re done, remove the middle part with the help of scissors. You can draw a bigger circle by keeping track of the small circle. Or, you can even choose a bigger radius.

Cut another circle

Step 4: With the help of scissors, make cuts on the base side of the cylindrical-shaped paper. Use your hands and fold them in a better way.

Make cuts

Step 5: When you’re done, insert the big circular bangle inside the cylindrical-shaped paper and paste it on the cuts. Make sure you’re putting glue on every cut to secure your hay.

Fix circular strip

Step 6: Now cover the top. Use enough glue to do that.

Cover top

Step 7: And here’s your mini top hat ready.

Mini Top hats


  • Measure correctly: Make sure the measure is taken correctly to fit right into place.

So, finally, you can make these hats for your dolls. It’ll surely look awesome. Imagine your dolls wearing these hats. Wouldn’t it look great and charming on them? You can use rubber bands to secure these hats on their heads, and it’s all done ta-da.

I hope this post on how to make paper mini top hats will have helped you.


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