How To Make A Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece

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Well, who wouldn’t love to beautify their home through their own creativity? So let’s learn a simple process to make a beautiful centerpiece at home. Following these instructions, you’ll learn how to make a paper pumpkin centerpiece at home.


To create this beautiful centerpiece, you’ll need to gather the following materials:



  • Coloured papers
  • Glue

Steps To Make A Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece

After obtaining all the necessary resources, next is the turn to create this pretty pumpkin. Follow the instructions to create the piece:

Step 1: Firstly, take a small 5×7 piece of paper and draw the figure on it as shown in the image. Cut out the shape with the help of scissors.

Trace the shape

Step 2: Now, take your favourite coloured sheet of paper and fold about 1/5th of it from one edge. Now turn over the paper and fold it about the same length as the previous one. Repeat until you reach the end.

Fold the sheet

Step 3: Now, take the previously cut shape and trace it on the folded sheet as shown in the image. Cut the shapes with the help of scissors now.

Cut the pieces

Step 4: After you’re done cutting all of them, now is the turn to stick them all together. Take one piece and apply glue on both the edges. Attach another piece over it. Repeat the process until the last piece.

Apply glue to the edge

Step 5: Then, apply glue on the corner at its centre and put on the other over it. Repeat until the last sheet.

Apply glue on the edge’s centre

Step 6: Join both ends and apply glue on the edges at its centre. Secure it with a paperclip to make the grip stronger.

Join the ends

Step 7: Now, take a long strip of green coloured paper and roll it over with the help of a knitting stick. Apply glue at the end.

Roll the sheet

Step 8: Take one more piece of the same paper and cut a small circle out of it. Put the circle on your palm and thrust a pencil into it to make a texture. Make a small cut at the end.

Cut a circle

Step 9: Take the rolled sheet and twist it out to make a texture. Make a few cuts on the outer circle with the help of scissors and insert the rolled sheet into it.

Insert into the circle

Step 10: Apply some glue to the bottom of the rolled piece and insert it into the pumpkin’s centre. Your paper pumpkin centerpiece is all set to attract the fellows.

How To Make A Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece

Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece


  • Use sharpies cautiously: Be attentive while using sharp equipment like scissors, as they can cause serious injuries.

You’ve already learnt how to create such a beautiful and creative piece of art. Try more activities to create more such artistic things. So wasn’t it amazing to learn how to make a paper pumpkin centerpiece at home?


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