How To Make Paper Scalloped Balls For Christmas

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Hey, do you get energized when Christmas approaches? Here’s a unique way to make your Christmas more special. They are quite simple to create, despite how exquisite and intricate they appear. To build these lovely and unbreakable Christmas balls, simply follow my tutorial below. Enjoy your eve by learning how to make paper scalloped balls for Christmas trees at home.


If you have all of the essential items on hand, making paper scalloped balls is a piece of cake. You’ll need the following things to make your own paper scalloped balls at home for Christmas:


  • 1-inch circle punching tool
  • Hot glue gun


Steps To Make Paper Scalloped Balls For Christmas

Now that you’ve gathered your materials let’s get started on constructing paper scalloped balls. If you implement the correct procedures, making your paper scalloped balls will be super easy:

Step 1: First, take the metallic sheets and punch 1-inch circles out of them. Now, take the foam ball and paste the previously punched-out metallic circle at the top of the foam ball to make it the center of the ball. Then, using a hot glue gun, stick the remaining circles beneath the center, overlapping each other.

Cut and paste the circles

Cut and paste the circles

Step 2: Keep pasting the circles as instructed in the above step until the whole foam circle is covered with the help of a hot glue gun. Now, take the twine or thread about 1.5 inches long and tie a knot at the end of the loop. With the help of a glue gun, attach the knot of the twine to the center of the foam circle and hang it on your Christmas tree.

Cover the foam ball

Cover the foam ball

Step 3: Your paper scalloped balls are all ready to lighten up the Christmas tree.

Paper scalloped balls

Paper scalloped balls


  • Beware of hot objects: Be attentive while using the hot glue gun, as using it carelessly can cause serious burns and injuries.
  • Use sharp equipment carefully: Keep your eyes open while using the circle punching tool, as the sharp blade can cause injuries to your hand.

You’re welcome to give it a shot on your own. It’s up to you now to think up creative ideas. You now know how to make paper scalloped balls for Christmas by following these simple directions. So grab this opportunity and see what unfolds.




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