How To Make A Plastic Bag Hammock

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Who doesn’t enjoy a pleasant breeze while sitting in the garden? Isn’t that true for everyone? Making your hammock out of discarded plastic bags at home is fun to make the idea more imaginative. Yes, you read that correctly. You’ll learn how to make a plastic bag hammock at home in this article.


Making it is simple if you have most of the required supplies. You’ll need to have the very next supplies to create your plastic bag hammock at home:



  • Plastic bags rope
  • Plastic ropes
  • Carabiners

Steps To Make A Plastic Bag Hammock

Let’s start creating it when you’ve gathered your stuff. If you properly follow the instructions, making a plastic bag hammock is an easy task:

Step 1: Take a plastic bag. It should be big, as shown in the image below.

Plastic bag

Step 2: Take scissors. Cut the bag into 4 parts. Take a glance at the image below and use scissors carefully.

Cut into 4

Step 3: Now, take a few more plastic bags. Repeat the same steps by dividing the bags into pieces.

Plastic bags

Step 4: Join all the tips together. Make a knot at the upper side so it’ll remain secure.

Make a knot

Step 5: Use plastic ropes as well. With the help of plastic ropes and plastic bag ropes, start making long strands.

Make strands

Step 6: Make a lot of strands with ropes. Try to use more plastic bag ropes. In this way, you’re reusing the plastic.

Join strands

Step 7: Attach carabiners at both ends so that you can easily place your hammock anywhere in the garden or living room.

Make knots and secure.

Step 8: And here’s your plastic bag hammock ready.

Plastic Bag Hammock


  • Choose a good place: Select a steady and strong place or area to hang up the hammock.

So, isn’t it incredibly simple to construct this lovely and simple hammock made entirely of waste? It most certainly is. You’ve already figured out how to make such a fantastic piece of art. It’s lovely, but it can also be constructed in a few simple steps. However, learning is insufficient on its own.

You are free to experiment with it as much as you wish. It’s now up to you to think of fresh concepts. You may learn how to make a plastic bag hammock by following these simple instructions. So, put this strategy into action and wait to see what happens.


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