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Want to learn how to make a pomander flower ball? If yes, then continue reading this easy-to-read post.

Well, you should know that any box that stores aromatic blooms, herbs, spices, oils, and resins is referred to as a pomander. The phrase refers to an aromatic plant or item used to produce perfume. So, you can resemble it with a flower with an amazing fragrance.

The pomander was formerly a fabric bag worn on the body as a cologne to mask bad odors or ward off bad spirits and illness. They were once worn as a fashion accessory at social events and are still used as ornamental elements at weddings today.

It’s spectacular to hang a pomander flower ball on your window. And especially when you can easily make one in 5-10 mins. So why not keep reading to check the easy steps and how it turns out to be in the end? If you’re convinced enough, just read the blog fully, and you’ll be surprised by the end.


Collect these materials to make a beautiful pomander ball.



  • Square sheet

Steps To Make Pomander Flower Ball

Follow the easy steps, and you’ll be holding a pomander flower ball in your hands in no time.

Step 1: Take a square sheet. Fold from every side to make creases.

Fold sides

Step 2: Now, make a diamond shape out of it.


Step 3: Fold the sides into a triangle.

Fold in triangle

Step 4: Fold triangles out of each layer.

Fold each side

Step 5: Fold the tip.

Fold the top

Step 6: Now, open the sheet. You’ll be having something like shown in the image below.


Step 7: Fold each petal. You’ll have a beautiful flower.

Fold each petal

Step 8: Repeat the same steps and make another one. This time try to take a big sheet.

Make same

Step 9: Make 40-45 flowers.

Make 40-50

Step 10: Now, with the help of glue, make a circle out of flowers. Make two semicircles. And join them at the end.

Fold to half semicircle

Step 11: And here’s your pomander flower ball.

Pomander ball


  • Make nice creases: You should make smooth creases to make your art piece look beautiful and the same.

Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s good to make one for your window or door. You can make them easily without any costly materials by just using paper.

Hope this post on how to make a pomander flower ball would have helped you.


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