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Learning how to make pots using newspapers is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Commercial seed pots frequently force you to pick between disposable plastic or pricey pressed peat moss pots that you can plant immediately but use a valuable natural resource. Newspapers are biodegradable, inexpensive, and can be used as a mulch and fertilizer for young plants.

The best part about constructing your recycled newspaper pots is that the transplant shock is significantly reduced when it’s time to transplant your seeds outside. Make sure the base of the newspaper pots has drainage holes. And then put seeds and water them regularly. The newspaper decomposes into the soil as the seedling grows, providing quick mulch and fertilizer to the vulnerable plant. And your plant will grow nicely.

Read this blog if you’re interested to know how to make pots using newspapers at home. Keep reading and learning!


Now that you’re determined about making pots out of newspapers, it’s your time to collect all the necessary materials.


  • Scissors


  • Newspaper
  • Glue
  • Toilet paper empty roll

Steps To Make Pots Using Newspapers

Go through these steps and learn how to make beautiful cylindrical pots using newspapers. It’s easy and economical.

Step 1: Take a toilet paper roll. Roll a layer of newspaper on it. With the help of glue, paste it so that it won’t come down.

Cover on toilet paper roll

Step 2: Now fold the base. Make sure you’re hiding all the extra paper inside the roll.

Plain base

Step 3: Remove the roll when the glue is dry. Hold the paper in one hand and slightly remove the roll.

Remove the paper

Step 4: And here’s your paper pot.

Newspaper Pot


Well, the steps are easy, right! Always keep in mind that you’re letting the glue dry. If you don’t have an empty toilet paper roll, make sure you take something hard cylindrical shape.

And when you have a cylindrical pot in your hand, fill it with sand or mud and spread seeds. You can make as many as you want and decorate your balcony or garden. Imagine having a mini garden on your balcony.

So now that you know the steps make pots for yourself. Save money and make it more sustainable as well. I hope this tutorial on how to make pots using newspapers will have helped you.


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