How To Make Recycled Newspaper Flowers

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Want to learn how to make recycled newspaper flowers? You’ll learn how to make a beautiful rose out of it here.

But why newspapers? Umm…because kids and adults equally like making crafts out of newspapers. A newspaper is a low-cost, widely available, and easily accessible medium. Furthermore, newspaper crafts are eco-friendly. This is why rather than throwing paper into a landfill, many individuals prefer to recycle it.

Newspaper crafting is ideal for folks who enjoy making things and are concerned about environmental issues. So, keep reading if you have a bundle of old newspapers to recycle and don’t know what to do with them.


You just need an old newspaper, and you can create beautiful roses from it.



  • Old Newspaper

Steps To Make Recycled Newspaper Flowers

To make beautiful newspaper flowers, you must follow these written steps.

Step 1: Take a newspaper. Now look for something from which you can draw a big circle. For instance, take a big bowl. Place it on the newspaper and mark the circle.

Make a circle

Step 2: Now, on the boundaries, start drawing curls. Make sure the curls are equal.

Make curls

Step 3: With the help of scissors, cut the curls. Your paper should look something like shown in the image.

Cut out the shape

Step 4: Now arrange the curls into a rose. Just round them and make a loop. Then use glue and fix the position.

Arrange into a rose

Step 5: Wow, it turned out real and beautiful. You can even use a pencil to fold the curls to look more real.


Step 6: The last step is to make a stem out of newspaper. Just take a small sheet of newspaper and roll it in a long stem-like structure. Then use glue and attach the stem to the rose.

Attach paper stem

Step 7: And here you have it. You can make as many as you want.

Recycled Newspaper Rose


  • While making roses from newspapers, keep in mind to use and handle scissors nicely. You can even use zigzag scissors.

Amazing right? You can place them in a vase on the tabletop. It’ll give a different touch to your living room for sure. Or, if not, you can make some to decorate your bedroom walls. Well, there are a lot of uses and so, in this way you’re using the old newspaper in the best way.

Hope this post on how to make recycled newspaper flowers would have been helpful to you.


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