How To Make A Santa Claus Dress

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December is coming, and as we know, it is the Christmas season. And the main highlight of the season is Santa Claus. So, in today’s article, we will teach you how to make a Santa Claus dress. Let us begin


Let us now prepare the list of supplies that you should have to make the Santa Claus Dress.


  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Chalk


  • Cotton Roll
  • Red T-shirt
  • Pant of red colour
  • Red Coloured Cloth
  • Thread

Steps To Make Santa Claus Dress

Step 1: The first step is to take a cotton roll and cut two long strips.

Cutting the Cotton Roll Lengthwise

Step 2: Now, take a red colour T-shirt and place it on a plane surface.

Placing the Red T-shirt

Step 3: The next step is to stick the lengthy strips vertically in the middle of the T-shirt.

Sticking the Cotton Strips

Step 4: Simultaneously, stick the cotton roll on the bottom end of the T-shirt.

Sticking the Cotton Roll at Lower Section

Step 5: Cover the sleeves of the red t-shirt with cotton

Sticking the Cotton Roll at Sleeves

Step 6: You should cover the neck with cotton in the following step.

Covering the Neck with Cotton

Step 7: In the next step, you should stick the cotton to the lower side of the pants.

Sticking the Cotton Roll on the bottom of the Pants

Step 8: Take a red coloured cloth and fold it in a triangle shape.

Folding the Red Cloth

Step 9: After making a triangle, cut the cloth and then open it.

Opening the Cloth

Step 10: Draw a circular arc on the corner of the cloth.

Drawing the Circular Arc

Step 11: Now, cut the cloth following the arc.

Cutting the Arc

Step 12: Now, apply the glue on one lengthy side, gently fold and stick the cloth.

Making a Triangle

Step 13: Rotate the cloth and cover the bottom section with cotton. Once you cover it, stick a cotton ball on the top (point) of the hat.

Sticking the Cotton at Bottom and Peak

Step 14: The next step is to cut the cotton roll in the beard shape.

Making Beard

Step 15: Now, stick the cotton strip on like a moustache on the beard.

Sticking the Moustache

Step 16: Attach the thread on both sides of the beard.

Attaching the String

Step 17: The last step is to arrange all the pieces.

Santa Claus Dress

Things To Remember

  • Make sure you stick the cotton tightly
  • Make sure you use nice new red colour clothes.


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