How To Make Simple Machines

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A simple machine is an instrument that changes the direction of the force. You can easily make simple machines for your science project. Here is the tutorial to guide you on the steps to make a simple machine. Let’s learn how to make two types of simple machines at home.


Before making anything, it’s pretty much better to gather all the required stuff in one place to avoid any fuss.



  • Cardboard
  • Toothpick

Steps To Make A First Class Lever (Seesaw)

Step 1: To make a first-class lever, take a piece of cardboard of 20×3 cm.

20 by 3

Step 2: Take a stick and two cardboard pieces, as shown below.

two cardboard pieces

Step 3: Take a cardboard strip of dimension 20 x 3 and cut it in the shape of an ice cream stick.

ice cream stick

Step 4: Take cardboard of dimension 22×9 cm.

22 by 9

Step 5: Wrap everything with origami paper.

origami paper 1

origami paper 2

Step 6: At the corners of the strip, put a different color of paper.

colour of paper

Step 7: Later, take a straw and cut it short, and stick it to the seesaw.

stick it to the seasaw

Step 8: Now, stick a toothpick under the strip and insert it into the two cardboard wheels.

two cardboard wheels 1

two cardboard wheels 2

simple machines


Steps To Make A Pulley

Step 1: Take cardboard of measurement 17×9 cm.

17 by 9

Step 2: Take another cardboard of measurement 19×4 cm.

19 by 4

Step 3: Wrap the cardboards with colored paper.

coloured paper 1

coloured paper 2

Step 4: Make two wheels from the cardboard of diameter 3cm.

diameter 3 cm

Step 5: Glue it with the help of another circular cardboard.

circular cardboard

Step 6: Glue a stick on it. Your pulley is ready.

pulley is ready

Step 7: Now, prepare the lift with the cardboard boxes and attach the pulley to it.

attach the pulley to it

Step 8: Now, roll the thread over the pulleys and see the function of the pulleys for yourself.

pulleys for yourself

How To Make A Simple Machine



  • Take the help of your elder, if required.
  • Take proper measurements.
  • Take accurate measurements.

Points to remember

Handle the tools safely.




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