How To Make Small Gifts Using Seashells

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Are you looking for a tutorial on how to make small gifts using seashells? Well, if that’s the case, you’re on the right page. There are a lot many things you can make out of seashells, for example- a necklace or what better? Umm…what about decorating items?

Yes, it’s something which you can even gift to your friends. This DIY seashell art piece is a lovely addition to any beach-themed home decor. You can use seashells that you have collected from the seashore or that you have purchased from a store.

It’s a unique way to incorporate beach-themed decor into your home. These days, beach home décor is fashionable. And who wouldn’t like to be surrounded by the calm and joyful atmosphere of the beach all year?

So, if you want to give your friend a beach-inspired home décor item to beautify their home, this DIY seashell art is perfect for you. Buying gifts is good but making it on your own for your special friends again means a lot.


To make a seashell decor item, you’ll have to collect all these materials.


  • Scissors


Steps To Make Small Gifts Using Seashells

Now that you have all the materials needed, follow the steps to make a beautiful gift out of seashells.

Step 1: Cut the white paper to the dimensions of your frame’s base and glue it on.

Paste white paper

Paste white paper

Step 2: Draw a heart onto the white paper with a pencil.

Trace a heart

Trace a heart

Step 3: Glue your larger seashells in any spot inside the heart first. Make certain that the larger pieces are evenly distributed within your shape.

Paste big seashells

Paste big seashells

Step 4: Once you’ve completed the larger seashells, you may begin gluing on the medium-sized ones. This ensures that the larger and medium-sized seashells are evenly scattered throughout your form, as they will be more noticeable than the little ones.

Fill the gaps

Fill the gaps

Step 5: Glue the smaller shells to fill in the spaces between the remainder of the shells as well as the shape’s border. And your beautiful present is ready.

Seashell frame

Seashell frame


While making this beautiful seashell heart, make sure the following things:

  • Glue the seashells nicely so that there won’t be any chances of it getting messed up.
  • Handle the seashells with care.

Well, now that you know how to make gifts using seashells, you can make these beautiful heart items and give them to your friends.


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