Soldering Iron Using Pencil And USB Charger

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This tutorial will show you how to make soldering iron using a pencil and USB charger. The soldering iron is made up of copper and iron. They are used to connect wires, and they melt at usually 90°C to 450°C. But we can also make soldering iron at home.


To make the soldering iron at home, we need some supplies;


  • Pencil
  • Old USB and charger
  • Cutter

Steps To Make Soldering Iron Using Pencil And USB Charger

There are some steps to make soldering iron using a pencil and USB charger. Just follow them to make it.

Step 1: First, take the pencil and remove its wooden part with a blade or cutter.

Sharpening the pencil

Step 2: Take the old USB charger and remove its charger pin. Remove the rubber part of the USB with the cutter.

Also, remove the rubber coating of wires.

Step 3: Connect the (-)ve and (+)ve terminal of wire (USB have usually white and black wire) with the pencil.

Secure them with the tape.

Step 4: Connect the USB with the charger and switch it on.

Soldering Iron

Just after connection, you’ll observe that the pencil’s lead starts heating within 10 sec. You can connect wire using this soldering iron.


This model will help students understand the functions and construction of soldering iron and also help to understand how to make soldering iron by waste material readily available at home.

Things To Remember

  • Be careful when you connect the wire.
  • Be careful while working with soldering iron.


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