How To Make The Series Circuit And Parallel Circuit

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In the tutorial, we will show you how to make the series circuit and parallel circuit science models for school science exhibitions at home.

In series, the circuit is closed where current flows in one path. Current passes through each load are the same, and total voltage is the sum of voltages across a load.

In parallel, circuits have multiple branches of electric current, but the voltage across the load is the same in a parallel circuit.


To build both these circuits, we will require the following essential supplies.


  • 9V battery
  • LED bulb
  • Resistance
  • Wire tape
  • Connector
  • Switch
  • Wire

Steps To Make Series Circuit 

Step 1: Take 3 LED bulbs and connect them in a series connection to split the voltage. Connect the positive terminal of one LED with the negative terminal of another LED using wire tape.

wire tape

Step 2: Connect the wire of the battery’s connector with the negative terminal of one LED bulb.

LED bulb

Step 3: Now connect the red wire with the positive terminal of the LED.


Step 4: Connect both red wires through a switch and connect the battery with the connector.


Now to test the series connection, on the switch and you’ll see that LED bulbs glow.

LED bulb glows

Steps To Make Parallel Circuit 

Step 1: Take 3 LED bulbs and connect the resistor with the negative leg of the LED. We are using a resistor for voltage drop.

voltage drop

Step 2: As well connect all three bulbs with resistors.

with resisters

Step 3: Connect each resistor to a copper wire using a soldering iron ( can use wire tape instead).

soldering iron 1

soldering iron 2

Step 4: Now, connect the switch to the copper wire in the positive leg direction.

leg direction

Step 5: Now, connect the battery connector wire with the switch and connect directly another wire into the negative direction.

negative direction

Step 6: Now, connect the battery with the connector.

now conenct the

Now to test the parallel circuit, on the switch and you’ll see that LED bulbs glow.

How To Build Series Circuit And Parallel Circuit Working Model For School Science Exhibition


Series and parallel circuit models help students to understand the concept, function, and advantages of electricity, resistance, and circuits. The model also helps to understand circuits working and how they can be made with material readily available at home.

Things To Remember

  • Working slowly and carefully during the cutover.
  • Work on a self-healing mat to protect your work surface.
  • Learn all you can about the materials and techniques you’re using.
  • Work carefully during wire attachment.
  • The battery will be warm during the experiment, be careful with it.
  • Be careful during work with soldering iron.



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