How To Make Water Cycle With LEGO

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We all are living in an era where it has become really important for everyone to know about the environment from the very beginning. This is the main reason why we have environmental science as a subject in schools. What can be better to learn things than understanding them through games and toys? We know that it is a great idea to learn new things while playing, and this is why we are going to tell you how to make water cycle with LEGO.

Do you know what LEGO is? If you don’t, you should know that LEGOS are one of the most popular building toys in many households and schools. While we adore them for their impromptu constructing sessions and bright creations, they are fantastic at learning manipulative toys. We can say that a manipulative toy is a type of toy that enables a youngster to play while developing their cognitive skills.

We all know how important it is for kids to develop their motor skills. What can help them develop their skills more than LEGO? By making a water cycle with LEGO, your children will not only learn about environmental studies, but they will also improve their cognitive skills while building and developing their motor skills as they visualise how the water cycle works.

So, let’s not wait any time and look at the supplies needed to make a water cycle with LEGO.


You are needed to have only the given few tools and materials, and you can make it.


  • Scissors
  • Pencil


Steps To Make A Water Cycle Using LEGO

You just have to follow the following easy steps, and you can easily make your water cycle at home with LEGO.

Step 1: Take grey coloured LEGO bricks to make rainy clouds and add raindrops as well. Make land with brown or green-coloured bricks.

Add clouds and land

Step 2: To show evaporation, show water with blue-coloured bricks. Now, make a sun with yellow LEGO bricks and show condensation with blue coloured bricks.

Make sun and water

Step 3: At last, add a downward-facing arrow showing falling rain and an upward-facing arrow to show condensation.

How To Make Water Cycle With LEGO

Water Cycle With LEGO


While making this water cycle, make sure that you also try to understand the water cycle. Handle the scissors with extreme care while cutting the arrows.

So, now that you know how to make a water cycle with LEGO, get started and make one for yourself.


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